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originalgngstas's Journal

we be thuggin
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this was made up by me jesi as a big joke but its worked out well. so here it goes. please answer the questions in a comical way. are you funny? are you A true gangsta foa shoa? heres your chance to prove it.

This is a rating community

do it bastard.


title or description
jesiinsanejesiage: 15

title or description
mikedamnbackslidesage: 15

title or description
emilytheboydestroyerage: 17

title or description
kiimiitoungeinmymouthage: 15

please read the following rules before applying:

1) You must be a member of originalgngstas to be rated.

2) you must answer all the questions in the survey entered below.

3) Make sure pictures aren't too blurry. we dont want to have to squint to see your face. if we cant see your face well, we will not rank you. plain and simple.

4.) always use the LJ cut for applications. we want a link that goes to your entry. not a long list on the main page. NO HUGE PICTURES. if you do not know how to use LJ cuts please feel free to ask : imstillgrounded@msn.com

5) Do not alter your pictures you submit. we dont want writing or drawing around your face. color change isnt a big issue, if so the moderators will let you know and youll have 24 hours to fix or repost your entry with different photos.

6) Do not post any nude pictures. we dont want to see your crotch or your tits. we want to see your face. if any nudity is spotted by our moderators your post will be deleted and you will be banned.

7) Do not disrespect the members of this community. if we give you a no, deal with it. life is more than just live journal communities.

8) Do not make comments on other people's entries or vote on otehr menbers until you are stamped. (if your not approved you cant do shit yet)

9) once you are a member we allow you to promote other communities here. just remember to promote us. when you are ready to submit your application use this quote in your subject line "i wish i was an original gangsta" . if you dont use that in your subject line we will automatically think you forgot to read the rules and you will not be allowed to post your application.

10) When a mod or member posts [the subject will say *Mod* or *stamped*-] this isnt a ranking and therefore you dont rate

11) There wont be any time limit for rating. we will stamp you once we see a sufficient number of votes

12) once you join you must apply within the next 24 hours. after a day and you have joined without an application, you will be banned.
NOTE: posts will NOT immediately show up because one of us has to approve it through community moderation. wait for it . you bother us about this and you will be banned.


1) Name:
2) Age:
3) Location:
4) movies:
5) Favorite mod:
6) favorite 3 bands or music you like:
7) things you do when your bored:
8) How did you find this community?:
9) Why do you want to be an original gangsta?:
10) tell us why we should vote yes:
11) give us your best emo shot:
(put your picture here..delete this or youll look retarded)
12) this is my hot shit:
(again followed by at LEAST 2 more photos, for you slow people ~~>you put your pics here...delete this or youll look fucking retarded)

once accepted

If you're accepted please start voting on other memebers . You have a link to us on your journal. Once accepted, you may post any pictures, just make sure your subject states that you're stamped so people don't vote on you. You can also make any text entries that you want stating any questions, comments, or concerns, etc. but we dont really like text entries. make them plain and simple. photos are a plus. we like those.

once rejected

If you're rejected we are sorry. but you arent good enough for our community. dont sit and complain. get over it. if delete your post once you are rejected, we will ban you. so just leave it there. do not go harrass on personal livejournals.

All 'applicants' who post will receive either an "accepted" or "rejected" stamp. Based on that, you will either remain in the community, and continue to rate others, or you will be banned from the community, which means you are not able to post. Sorry but we dont care.

if you are not already scared off go ahead and apply. we are nice kids.


damn, your shit stank.
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