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WHITExPOWER84 : o did i tell you im in a gang now. insaneJeSi :… - we be thuggin [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Apr. 11th, 2004|10:33 am]
we be thuggin



WHITExPOWER84 : o did i tell you im in a gang now.
insaneJeSi : what gang,
insaneJeSi : are you serious
insaneJeSi : what gang
insaneJeSi : the swp gang (support white power)
insaneJeSi : i hate jews gang
insaneJeSi : lets-kill-charles (charles is black)
insaneJeSi : gang
WHITExPOWER84 : a different one.
insaneJeSi : what one
insaneJeSi : hmm
insaneJeSi : squwash niggers please gang?
WHITExPOWER84 : haha
WHITExPOWER84 : suburban nazi punks.
insaneJeSi : haha oooh gotcha
insaneJeSi : who said that your in it
insaneJeSi : and howd u get into it
WHITExPOWER84 : this guy zack.
insaneJeSi : ooh
insaneJeSi : yea i met him at subculture
insaneJeSi : emilys ex
insaneJeSi : the one u got shoes from
WHITExPOWER84 : yea.
insaneJeSi : wearing a cock sparrer tshirt
insaneJeSi : cool cool
insaneJeSi : what do you do now that your a gangsta
WHITExPOWER84 : its kinda scarey these older guys are in it too.
insaneJeSi : so what are you supposed to do
insaneJeSi : do you have little night gatherings
insaneJeSi : and rise up plans
insaneJeSi : for rebellion agaist the community
insaneJeSi : of anti-white people
insaneJeSi : or just draw symbols on your hands.
insaneJeSi : and feel cool and stuff hahaha
WHITExPOWER84 signed off
WHITExPOWER84 signed on
insaneJeSi : ryan
WHITExPOWER84 : my computer shut off
insaneJeSi : i could tell
insaneJeSi : it made my compputer act all weird
insaneJeSi : so u have to tell me
insaneJeSi : what you do now that your in this with all these old folks
insaneJeSi : do u have "gang meeting"
insaneJeSi : haha
WHITExPOWER84 : theyre notOLD some r like 18 and 19
insaneJeSi : ok well thats what i mean
WHITExPOWER84 : i dunno i just did it today.
WHITExPOWER84 : were jumping some mexican kid on next weeks sunday
insaneJeSi : what did he do to you
WHITExPOWER84 : nothing.
WHITExPOWER84 : hes mexican
WHITExPOWER84 : thats what he did
insaneJeSi : i see
insaneJeSi : ryan take pics for my lj
insaneJeSi : haha
insaneJeSi : it would be an attention grabber fo shoa
insaneJeSi : hhahha
insaneJeSi : u gangsta children
WHITExPOWER84 : haha
insanejesi : meany

this is ryan:
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    [User Picture]From: toungeinmymouth
    2004-04-11 11:03 am (UTC)
    kids these days...
    (Reply) (Thread)
    [User Picture]From: badbob69
    2004-04-12 12:30 pm (UTC)
    fukin rasict
    (Reply) (Thread)
    [User Picture]From: insanejesi
    2004-04-12 03:45 pm (UTC)
    he claims he is. i think its funny.
    (Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
    From: loveisforsops77
    2004-04-19 08:19 pm (UTC)
    should i join ur crazy community jesi?haha.
    (Reply) (Thread)